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             Today's technology with the new automated refraction equipment makes vision testing more comfortable and less confusing. Gone are the old style vision testers with all those knobs, everything is done on the



               Image being able to live your life without the need for corrective lenses throughout your day. No more smudging glasses or contacts that dry out in the Texas wind during the day time. The technology is here with the Freedom Sight Method which uses ortho-k.

It is a way to provide freedom from glasses and contacts during the day.
The Freedom Sight Method is a system that reshapes your vision as you sleep without the need for surgery. You can think of it kind of like braces or retainers. The contact lenses only need to be worn at night giving you freedom during the day.

The Freedom Sight Method is a good option for those who want freedom for their eyes during the day.

Sports Players enjoy the Fredom Sight Method allowing them to not need cumbersome glasses while being active or contacts lenses that can shift, get debris under them, or rip during play.

What about Children?
The Freedom Sight Method has an added bonus when children who have progressive myopia use them at night. Studies have shown these contacts to actually slow down and in some cases even stop the progression of myopia in children. What this means is that these lenses can help our children not develop large eyeglass prescriptions and hopefully keep our little ones eyes from getting worse.

There are certain criteria for these lenses which is why a consultant and special testing are needed to see if you are a candidate and not everyone will benefit the same.

Please speak with our Freedom Sight Method Administrator Steven to set up your consultation and special testing to determine if you are a a candidate.

Our goal is to change the way we see the world one contact at a time!





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