Dr. Ashley Setterberg and the staff at Vision Boutique are ready to help you with all your optometric needs. We provide a safe, comfortable space to optimize your eye health. As optometric experts, we diagnose and treat many eye diseases, and advise on the management and care of vision health issues.

We accept only a limited number a patients a day so we can focus on your needs. Most major insurances in the area are accepted.

DESIGNER GLASSES We have the most popular brands in the area including those you won’t find without traveling to the big cities!

CONTACTS We fit all the major brands as well as speciality contacts like RGP and Keratoconus.

FREEDOM VISION HD Using new technology, reshape your vision while you sleep so you may go about your day without glasses or contacts! If you are looking for an alternative to laser surgery that can improve your vision in a similar fashion but without the need for cutting your eye, you may be interested in Freedom Vision HD.

Freedom Vision HD involves temporarily reshaping the cornea through the use of specialized contact lenses. These specialized lenses are worn during sleep and gently change the shape of the front of your eyes.

This shape change allows your eyes to focus clearly without the use of corrective lenses during the day. If you have more questions about Freedom Vision HD or would like to see if it might be the right path for you, call to schedule an eye exam with us today at (361) 854-1460 and watch our short video.

If you are suffering from vision health problems or simply have a question, contact our office today. We are happy to help!

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